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Computational tools from the Woolfson group, University of Bristol.


This site contains links to all the computational tools made by the Woolfson Group at the University of Bristol, UK.


ISAMBARD comprises a suite of tools for protein structure analysis, model building and evaluation. We are currently finalising a version for release through GitHub, so it's not available for download yet. If you are interested in receiving an e-mail when it is available, please send an e-mail to


The SOCKET program finds the Knobs-into-Holes mode of packing between alpha-helices (Crick, 1953) which is characteristic of coiled coils. It unambiguously defines the beginning and end of coiled-coil motifs in protein structures and assigns a heptad register to the sequence.


The LOGICOIL algorithm predicts the oligomeric state probabilities of a coiled-coil sequence. It curently allows to classify antiparallel dimers, parallel dimers, trimers and tetramers.